We have recorded and released a 7" :

The Persistent Inversion of Solution by Protective Powers

it's available from deadceo here. Here's an mp3 of a song off the record:

Art History (MP3 3.4 MB)

a dead end a dry socket
passing for a culture’s soul
look what they’ve got in their pockets.
these paintings should look a lot dirtier
considering their history
but that would interrupt the jet set’s flirting
my god between a flock and a stalled space
a whittling down of possible entries
my god it’s up to a mock dialogue race
the winner of which is a jester for gentry
all useless and ugly it looks at itself
all covered in sponsors and logos
and congratulation
a celebration of our stolen wealth
and how the complacent can stretch
their imagination
a toy of the wealthy so go ahead and worship

We've also played on the radio a few different times. Here's a track from an appearance on WHPK's Pure Hype show, which highlights local music.

New Theology of Desire live (MP3 2.3 MB)

florid excesses, you’re coiffed jewelled and blessed
with your hot oil treatment, hearing beats feels so good
scientologist fascist, no blemishes or rashes
to rupture the masses, hearing beats feels so good
we thrill to your every failure,
we’re billed for your every failure
it’s a new theology of lookism
it’s a new theology of lackism
it’s a new theology of loveism
it’s a new theology of desire
it’s a new theology of no closure
it’s a new theology of disused
it’s a new theology of person/object
it’s a new theology of refused
individual indivisible of conglomerate investment,
insured ass, insured face,
an injured class and an injured place

We've also recorded a full length over the summer of 2002 and are in the process of releasing it. Here's a song from the upcoming cd, tenatively titled
Oppression in Constellation

Stupid Watchmaker Inherits Complex Clock (MP3 3.6 MB)


what do you mean I can’t play how I want?
I’ve done it for this long without many haunts
from the ghosts of my workers and the bones of my conscience and the rottweilers in the garden just sit on their haunches, guarding.
I don’t get it.
what do you mean we can’t play how we want?
it’s from the beginning we’ve learned how to flaunt our lack of compassion, conscience and personhood and we’ve gotten away with it just like you knew we would!
we don't get it.
hours of video and miles of text
velvet curtains and podiums propping up an illusion
killing decisions and ham-fisted collusion
"let's see what the hell we can get away with boys!"
somewhere in the backwaters of my power-addled mind is a memory of chastisement-
but I'm immune to that now, aren't I?
pecking order rising - reckoning on the horizon
spurts, gasps and sputters but it's coming for you
the other 90% thinking about fair shakes
the evidence around here is hard to escape
of unelected phantom vampire fakes
make no mistake, they're not dumb about it -
they'll fight to defend it every day
make no mistake, they're not dumb about it -
they'll fight to defend every cent
you didn't win this one anyway
you won't win this one anyway