Well, Service Anxiety is about to play one more show and then call it quits. Come out and have fun at our last show Aug 29 @ the Fireside with Occasional Detroit and the Coughs! Thanks to everyone!

We finally have a website!

We have a new drummer! Theodoros Katsaounis is a serious rocker who also plys his trade in chicago guitar-killersTale of Genji and Stillwell. His first show with us was the version_03 benefit @ Buddy. It was wonderful show that included a fabulous enthusiastic audience, great music, and remarkable video projections. Cock ESP was shocking and beautiful; seeing a large group of your friends writhe on the floor like a seething basket of rats is a powerful visual.

In other news, the antiwar movement in Chicago has been really amazing, vocal and powerful. Taking Lakeshore Drive the day after the war started was a great expression of the anger of much of the city; if you don't know, the march ended with mass arrests right at the intersection of Chicago and Michigan Ave. Read more about it here:

Chicago Indymedia

True to form, the Chicago Police went on a thug spree, beating and arresting a crowd of peaceful, unorganized protestors who weren't practicing even half-hearted civil disobedience. Without announcement or any communication, the CPD penned us in, pulled up arrest busses and went at it. Highlights included multiple broken bones, a woman being arrested and seperated from her baby in a stroller, and various people passing out in overpacked padywagons. Look on indymedia for info on the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of the arrestees.

Honestly, who are you more afraid of? Other civilians or these sadist control-soldiers? Look into your heart and tell me.

stayin' core-