Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater
When We Get to Meeting
vinyl LP
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When We Get to Meeting is the debut recording of the international duo of harmonica virtuoso Seamus Cater (UK/Amsterdam) and extended banjo player Woody Sullender (NYC).

Recorded in Amsterdam and rural Germany, this album explores a wide spectrum of contemporary music and folk equally rooted in minimalism and spectralism, as in the folk traditions of each musician's homeland (Cater from a long tradition of English folk musicians; Sullender from North Carolina).

"This is a refreshing take on the combination of folk and experimental musical modes and definitely deserves wider attention. 10/10"
- Charles Franklin, Foxy Digitalis

"Its one of those things which you have no idea what to make of, but you feel instinctively its great and perhaps therefore all the more a great record." - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly (NL)


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